One Assessment.
Endless Possibilities.

A single assessment to build, analyze, and develop your talent — from selection through succession.

What is the Caliper Profile?

The Caliper Profile is a leading workplace assessment that accurately predicts and individual's potential, personality characteristics, and on-the-job behaviors. Backed by almost 60 years of research, the Caliper Profile measures 280 behaviors and 56 key competencies that map to over 50 job models for selection, development, and coaching.

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Caliper Essentials for Selection

  • Designed for Hiring Managers, HR, and Business Leaders
  • Interpretative report includes all measurable traits and work styles
  • Ideal for high impact roles
  • Provides an overall fit score
  • Includes behavioral interview questions and manager recommendations


Caliper Essentials for Coaching

  • Designed for managers, mentors, coaches, and HR
  • Includes all measurable traits and work styles
  • Ideal for on-boarding new employees and mentoring high potential employees
  • Provides information about individual job strengths and areas of development
  • Includes specific coaching questions and manager recommendations for development


Caliper Essentials IDG

  • Designed for Employees or Candidates seeking personal development
  • Report provides practice suggestions for professional development
  • Includes Joint Action Plan to help employees work with their managers to guide development
  • Supports career growth, performance conversations, and employee/manager development

A Partnership Building a Better Workforce

Together with USLI, Caliper is providing our comprehensive Essentials Report Suite at a special discounted rate to organizations like yours. To take advantage of this opportunity, please complete the form below to speak with a Caliper representative.

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